LaFave Danse has been in business for 24 years.  It has one spacious dance studio and a comfortable waiting area for parents and family.  The majority of the classes are taught by the owner, Stacey Cierpial.  Class size is kept small in order to give each student individual attention and excellent instruction.  Our focus is on technique, not just learning steps and routines.  It is a friendly, caring, nurturing, and positive dance environment.


Dancers at LaFave Danse are passionate about dance, but dance does not consume all of their free time.  The dance schedule allows them to engage in other activities outside of dance in order to be a well rounded individual.  The dancers choose how committed they want to be, whether it be by taking one dance class per week or four dance classes per week.  Students do not have to have "natural" ability to take classes at LaFave Danse. We welcome all individuals! 


LaFave Danse offers instruction in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, and lyrical.  Classes are offered for ages 4 and up, beginning to advanced levels.


We offer both recreational and competitive dance classes, and both Cecchetti syllabus and non-syllabus ballet classes.


Private lessons are available for any age and level.

Stacey Cierpial

Miss Stacey, Age 7


Miss Stacey, Age 10

Stacey-Pink Costume

Miss Stacey, as a young dancer


Miss Stacey, as a young dancer


Miss Stacey, as a young dancer


Miss Stacey, Black Swan Costume


Miss Stacey, Black Swan Costume


Miss Stacey, Black Swan Costume

I opened LaFave Danse  in 1997.  LaFave is my maiden name. I began studying dance at the age of four. I am a member of Dance Masters of America and Dance Masters of Michigan, certified by examination to teach Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.  I graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance.  I am also a member of the Cecchetti Council of America, certified to teach and present students for exams in the  Cecchetti syllabus Grades I thru IV.


I was trained by many of the area's renowned teachers including Lois Meissner, Iacob Lascu, Laurie Eisenhower, Suzanne Hawkins, and Jorden Ivanov-Ericson.  


I have danced with Dance Detroit in the annual productions of The Nutcracker Ballet at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.  I have  performed in various dance concerts at Marygrove College and Oakland University.  I have also danced many solo roles in The Nutcracker Ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, The Magic Toy Shop, and Coppelia.


I started out my career as a young dancer, as you can see in this collection of images from my youth.  (Thanks Mom!)  I loved dance from the beginning, and never stopped!


I've been dancing at LaFave for years now, and I can't imagine my life without it.  Ms. Stacey does an excellent job of teaching students of all ages and levels of dance.  The studio atmosphere is welcoming and supportive in helping dancers further themselves and their abilities.  The spring recital is a wonderful showcase of everyone's hard work throughout the year and all the improvements the students have made.  I constantly look forward to it, as well as my weekly classes.


Sydney, Age 16

We love the atmoshpere at LaFave Danse.  Stacey is professional and respectful to the students while at the same time she maintains a "calm" that really works.  This is very apparent in the recitals which are beautiful, enjoyable shows for the students and families!  My daughter has grown so much over the years with the support she has received at the studio.  My daughter started out as a beginner and is now a well-rounded dancer performing Ballet, including Pointe, Jazz, and Lyrical.  She is earning her opportunity to perform a solo and she gives back as a Leader to the younger girls.  She looks forward to going to each and every class.


Laurie, Parent

I have danced at LaFave Danse for over 6 years, and each year has been a ton of fun.  I started off just taking one class, but I quickly realized that I wanted to become a more serious dancer and joined many other styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, and Lyrical.  I have also become a leader, which means I get to help teach some of the younger students alongside Ms. Stacey.  Dance class at LaFave Danse is the right balance of challenging but still enjoyable, and gives you a change to hang out with friends that may not go to your school while still exercising!


Ava, Age 13

In all my years of dancing, I've never had a teacher as nice and caring as Ms.Stacey.  Ms. Stacey cares about all her students and knows how to train and make us better dancers.  I've danced at a few studios before coming to LaFave Danse.   I was unable to excel and work towards becoming a better dancer since I wasn't in the competitive dance program.  Yet, when I came to LaFave, Ms. Stacey was able to help me stretch and work towards becoming a stronger dancer even though, at the time, I wasn't in competitive dance.  I was given the personal attention I needed and was being taught at a level of dance that better suited me. Now, I am able to do moves I never would have thought possible years before.  In addition, LaFave Danse has a warm, welcoming environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves and make wonderful friends; some of my best friends are the people I met and dance with every week at LaFave Danse.  All in all, LaFave Danse is a great place to take dance classes as the teacher is caring and personable, dancers are taught at levels were they are challenged but can also handle, and there is a friendly environment in which dancers can learn and excel in.


Jackie, Age 16

Ms. Stacey has been teaching our two daughters now for 10 years and we couldn't be happier!  The quality of instruction is superb and Ms. Stacey's fun and joyful approach to dance and teaching makes our daughters look forward to classes every week.


Jackie & Gary, Parents

I've been dancing at LaFave Danse for many years and I enjoy being part of this studio.  The classes are challenging, rewarding, and fun because Ms. Stacey allows the class to participate in creating unique dance moves.  I look forward to the recital every year.  Ms. Stacey always puts on a good show and I recommend LaFave Danse to everyone.