Cecchetti Method of Ballet

The Cecchetti Method of Ballet: Cecchetti Ballet training is a rigorous method of  ballet which pays careful attention to the laws of anatomy. It develops the dancer in those essential qualities of balance, poise, strength, elevation, and elasticity.  Below is a description of the Cecchetti Levels of Ballet.


Primary I,II,& III: The Cecchetti Council of America offers three pre-syllabus examinations for younger children, ages 5-9, that will develop poise and musicality in a fun and creative environment. The Primary I,II,& III syllabus instills the love of dance and allows for creative expression.


Grade I & II: For students (ages 8 & up) on a more serious track, these grades will develop proper placement of torso, hips, and legs without exceeding anatomical limitations.  The coordination of arms and head are developed with a concentration on smooth transitions throughout the exercises.


Grade III & IV Syllabus: A more mature sense of musicality and quality of movement is emphasized in these levels. Students develop strength and stability in the demonstration of pirouettes and grand allegro.  Suppleness and smooth graceful movements are developed along with coordination of head, arms, legs, and body.


Grade V: Elementary Syllabus marks the beginning of the professional level examinations and links the student to the final three professional levels that demonstrate Maestro Enrico Cecchetti's work.  It provides a culmination of material in the graded work, demonstrating a mature and professional approach.  In addition to adages and pirouettes that prepare the student for the more advanced levels, pointe work and the execution of beats are demonstrated in this syllabus.


Grade VI, VII & Diploma Syllabus: The intermediate, Advanced, and Diploma examination material used by the Cecchetti Council of America is maintained by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London, England.  Cecchetti's legacy and gtradition continues to flourish and survive the test of time in this universal work that is shared among seven Cecchetti Societies across the world. The syllabus demonsgtrates the beautiful adages, pirouettes and allegro used by Enrico Cecchetti.  It develops strong classical lines, solid anatomical placement, as well as virtuoso jumps and beats.


Please visit the Cecchetti Council of America for more information on the Cecchetti Method.