Here's the plan for staying safe: (For indoor face-to-face dance classes)

-Parents/siblings will not be allowed in the building.  Only Dancers.

-Dancers must wear a mask.  (I will be wearing mine)

-Dancers will line up outside the building on an "X" maintaining 6 foot distance(the ground will be marked with an "X").  Do not enter the building until allowed by Ms. Stacey.

-Students will be allowed in one at a time, when upon entering Ms. Stacey will take their temperature.

-Each student entering the building must have a LaFave Danse health screening questionnaire(see PDF document below) filled out and signed by a parent.  Your child will not be allowed to enter the building without this sheet.  No exceptions.

-The student will then use hand sanitizer(supplied by LaFave Danse) then proceed into the dance room and will be assigned a 6 foot square to dance in.  The room will be divided up into 6 foot squares so everyone can maintain 6 foot social distancing.  The ballet barre will also be divided into 6 foot spaces.  There will be no traveling across the floor.  Once a student is in her square, the next student will follow the same procedure.  This will allow everyone to maintain 6 foot distancing.  No one will be allowed in the dressing room. 

-When class is finished,  students will be dismissed one at a time and asked to exit the building to wait for their ride home.  No one will be allowed to wait inside the building, so please do not be late picking up your child as they will be waiting outside for you.  The student will be asked to use hand sanitizer when leaving(this will be available at the door).

-Please have your child use the bathroom before coming to class.  Children will only be able to use the bathroom if it is an emergency.  I will have to disinfect the bathroom every time somebody uses it.  Please arrive dressed in your dance attire. No one will be allowed to use the bathroom to change their clothes.

-The front and back doors of the building will remain open for increased air flow.

-Do not pull your car into the parking space behind the building.  Dancers will be standing there waiting for their ride home.

Other Safety Precaution:  Installation of IWave on building HVAC system.  The IWave kills 99.4% of COVID-19 virus.

Let's be safe!

Please click on the PDF form below to print off the LaFave Danse Health Screening questionnaire.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Let's all do our part to stop the spread.

Health Screening Form